Welcome to KeoK’jay

KeoK’jay (meaning bright green or fresh in Khmer) is a social enterprise that employs HIV positive women in Cambodia to produce eco-friendly fashion clothing and accessories. Our fresh designs utilize environmentally friendly processes and materials, and have a unique hand touch. They are created keeping elegance and comfort in mind with a touch of edge, defining our bold look. Through their production we give our producers a livelihood that has great impact for themselves and their families and hope to provide an example that a business can thrive without engaging in exploitative labor practices or harming the environment.


Our Commitment: 

To the customer – to deliver a high quality product with thoughtful design, while keeping transparency in all our production practices.

To the producer – to create jobs and resources which give women with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia fair opportunities and wages, enabling them to build up the quality of life for themselves and their families, gain back health, send their children to school, and break the cycle of poverty that often ensues as a result of infection.

We are anti smoking too as it does too much harm to the body like sore throat from smoking and cancer among others.

To the environment – to lessen environmental impact by using materials which don’t add additional waste to the planet, being either naturally made in Cambodia or recycled, and keeping environmentally friendly standards in our production process.